Wedding update part 2

A DJ can make or break your party!

Right, a DJ..

There are hundreds of people offering their DJ service.. some are very cheap (too cheap??), some are super expensive (why would you pay 2000€ for 4 hours???). We needed to find good value for money, and we needed to find it quick. I set the goal to find and book one before the end of 2018. We made it, only by 3 days, but we made it! After a lot of discussions with another DJ company, we eventually decided to book The Differences. We liked their style and story. Also their DJ booth looks nice.

Wedding suit

M. found a suit and he doesn’t want to tell me what it looks like! How frustrating!

He went shopping with his mom… Yes, I was surprised as well and the best/weirdest part: they had fun…! I found a suit online that I really liked, so he looked up where he could try it on. One company was an hour drive away but they were shutting down their business and had discounts as high as 60% on everything! So he went there. He did tell me that it is not the suit I liked so now I’m even more curious. M. gets to pick it up on the 16th of February. Exciting!

Wedding day coordinator

Early on in the planning process we decided not to hire a wedding planner as we wanted to do everything ourself. But We also knew that on the day itself, we did’t want to be bothered with anything that didn’t go as planned so we hired a coordinator! Yes! We HIRED one. We didn’t want to give that task to anyone of our families or friends (which is actually very common here) as it is an important job as we really just want everyone to be fully enjoying the day, not running around to fix things. We had meetings with 2 ladies, and we really liked the second one, Nathalie Roskam from The Wedding Dream. So we hired her.


We got some nice lanterns for the wedding that actually work on sunlight so we don’t have to take them down when it gets dark, light them, and hang them again. They will start burning when it gets dark automatically! Love that!

We also decided what we want for a type of guestbook. We want to place a large vase next to some small notes, ribbons and pens so people can leave us a small note, or advise, or wish or whatever they like. But it is less formal than a real guestbook which only gets filled half.

Getting dressed

On the day itself, we need to get dressed without seeing each other, so we need two rooms that are nice and open and will look good on pictures. As we are planning on starting a family after our wedding we decided to already give up our guestroom and change it into a very neutral room, suited for the wedding and easy to change into a baby room later. I also got an idea to change our bedroom, as we currently have a walk-in closet which we never use. All of our clothes used to be on to of our guest bed, as we never have guests staying over.. Haha. It was super lazy, but it worked for us. But now that bed is gone (someone is picking it up tomorrow).

So I first rearranged our washing room so it can store all of our clothes and we still don’t need our walk in closet. I made the rack for all of our hanging clothes myself, with materials from Hornbach, a very cheap DIY store near us. It cost me less than €60,-. We also bought a 4 drawer cabinet (from Jysk, again, very cheap but functional, think of Ikea) which is placed next to the washer and dryer. This holds all of our underwear, jeans, cardigans, sweaters and basic T-shirts and tops.

So part one (changing the washing room) is done. Part two (change the guest bedroom) is underway (I’ll share a photo when it is fully done). Part 3 requires some more thinking as it also involves electricity, lighting, drywall and flooring. We might hire someone to do it. It took me over a year, but M. finally agreed with me that it would really improve our bedroom. I plan on removing the wall between our bedroom and the walk in closet. When we do that and turn our bed 180 degrees, we will create a nice open space in front of a massive window that should be a really great space for relaxing and photos. Again, if it is finished I’ll update you with a photo of the end result.


We could not decide where to go. We looked at renting a sailboat in Croatia, we looked at the Bahamas, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Bali, Marocco, Greece, Lombok, Costa Rica, Cuba, Zanzibar, and a few others. But we finally fell in love with an Island near Madagascar. Mauritius here we come! We are going on a super relaxing, 15 nights, vacation to Mauritius after our wedding. We will be switching hotels every 5 nights to be able to see some more of the island. I can’t wait! We used Tripadvisor to find the best deals on hotels, works like a charm!

Open things for the wedding:

  • A cake that M. actually can eat (cow milk protein intolerance).
  • Flowers
  • A runner for down the aisle (M. wants a white one and I would like to paint it with some blue and green to match our color scheme)
  • We need to take our mothers to the venue in the coming month or so, so they can see it and get an idea of what we are envisioning for the day.
  • Meet with our coordinator to go through all the vendors and the contracts.
  • Finish part 2 of our upstairs shuffle
  • Start and finish part 3 of our upstairs shuffle.
  • And a ton of other things I can’t think of right now, I have a list somewhere….

So this update is a little shorter than the one before but I didn’t want to make that one too long.

My next update will not be about the wedding, I promise!


Love, Laura






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