Plastic frustration!

I am frustrated with plastic packaging. I really am.

We are sailors, love it, we hope to one day sail around the world.

For Christmas we got ourselves a membership to the magazine Zeilen (Sailing). A magazine for and by sailors. We bought a few editions in a bookstore before and loved it so we wanted to get more from them.

When the very first edition arrived in our mailbox, I could not believe my eyes. It was covered in plastic! WHY?!?!

I know they want to keep the magazine nice and dry, and it is easy to print the address on the plastic etc. but we also recieve a magazine from our catamaran sailing club and they do not cover their magazine in plastic, they put a sticker on it with the address and ship it. If it gets wet, too bad, it happens maybe once a year, and you can still read it, the pages only get a bit wrinkly.

I remember from a few years back every magazine came without plastic. Can’t we go back to that? It is such a waste and a massive problem for the environment.

So I sent a note to the magazine, to ask why they, hardcore sailors, water lovers, cover their magazines in plastic. I never got a reply. It frustrates me. Let’s have this discussion!

Please help me by connecting to companies like this. If we can ban plastic straws, we can also remove the plastic from magazines! It would save so much plastic. If we work together we can change this!

Which company are you going to ask to change their shipping method?

Let’s start this change!

Love, Laura






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