Reorganisation at work – will I lose my job?

No clickbait, I might actually lose my job!

The last year hasn’t been great for the company I work for. There was an issue with the factory, causing a production stop of 3 months. That resulted in a massive decrease in profit, as you can imagine.

But, during the New Years speech, the VP hardly mentioned those issues so everyone was surprised.

Now we now why. 2 weeks later, everyone received an e-mail in which reorganisations were announced. After that e-mail, it got quiet again so all commotion calmed down a bit again. 2 weeks later, viavia we heard all temporary employees will lose their jobs. Not officially yet but it makes a lot of sense so they can start looking for a new job. Not fun but at least they know what to expect.

The next group that is on the line are people like me. With a one-year contract. Last week management had a horrible meeting. Aparently they are really looking at every individual to see if they need to fire him or her. Tomorrow the numbers for the year will get published so probably just before or right after that announchment we will hear more. The waiting has already been so long! I just need to know! Now!

I could already search for a new job but with M. having to switch jobs next year spring, I actually just want to wait for him to make a move first. I don’t want to start somewhere new just to, have to quit again after only year.

What would you do? I kind of feel like a sitting duck at the moment but then again, this is the first reorganisation I am actually a part of.

Have you even been through something like this? Any tips?

Fingers crossed for now..

Love, Laura

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