My first CPR call

In the Netherlands we are building a network of voluteers who can do CPR. Everyone who has been trained can apply for this and you can get a call when help is needed in you direct surroudings.

So yesterday evening I got my first call. I have been a volunteer for 2 years now, so it doesn’t happen too often luckily.

I got to the scene together with another volunteer and it connected us. We had both dropped everything when we got the call and ran as fast as we could. Two strangers, now connected by something like this.

The ambulance got there before us so I didn’t have to do CPR for real but still the whole situation shocked me. A 19 year old guy got a heartattack whilst he was playing sports. 19 years old! The poor guy… 

I am grateful for being able to perform CPR. I’m glad I have this skill, that my former company trained me for this situation. I hope to never have to use it, but I’m glad I can.

Us volunteers don’t really get an update about the situation afterwards so I don’t know if he made it. I hope he did..

I must admit I didn’t sleep much last night. The adrenaline kept me going way longer than needed. I don’t think I’ll forget this day any time soon.

Can you do CPR? It can save a life.

Love, Laura



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