My first CPR call

In the Netherlands we are building a network of voluteers who can do CPR. Everyone who has been trained can apply for this and you can get a call when help is needed in you direct surroudings.

So yesterday evening I got my first call. I have been a volunteer for 2 years now, so it doesn’t happen too often luckily.

I got to the scene together with another volunteer and it connected us. We had both dropped everything when we got the call and ran as fast as we could. Two strangers, now connected by something like this.

The ambulance got there before us so I didn’t have to do CPR for real but still the whole situation shocked me. A 19 year old guy got a heartattack whilst he was playing sports. 19 years old! The poor guy… 

I am grateful for being able to perform CPR. I’m glad I have this skill, that my former company trained me for this situation. I hope to never have to use it, but I’m glad I can.

Us volunteers don’t really get an update about the situation afterwards so I don’t know if he made it. I hope he did..

I must admit I didn’t sleep much last night. The adrenaline kept me going way longer than needed. I don’t think I’ll forget this day any time soon.

Can you do CPR? It can save a life.

Love, Laura



Reorganisation at work – will I lose my job?

No clickbait, I might actually lose my job!

The last year hasn’t been great for the company I work for. There was an issue with the factory, causing a production stop of 3 months. That resulted in a massive decrease in profit, as you can imagine.

But, during the New Years speech, the VP hardly mentioned those issues so everyone was surprised.

Now we now why. 2 weeks later, everyone received an e-mail in which reorganisations were announced. After that e-mail, it got quiet again so all commotion calmed down a bit again. 2 weeks later, viavia we heard all temporary employees will lose their jobs. Not officially yet but it makes a lot of sense so they can start looking for a new job. Not fun but at least they know what to expect.

The next group that is on the line are people like me. With a one-year contract. Last week management had a horrible meeting. Aparently they are really looking at every individual to see if they need to fire him or her. Tomorrow the numbers for the year will get published so probably just before or right after that announchment we will hear more. The waiting has already been so long! I just need to know! Now!

I could already search for a new job but with M. having to switch jobs next year spring, I actually just want to wait for him to make a move first. I don’t want to start somewhere new just to, have to quit again after only year.

What would you do? I kind of feel like a sitting duck at the moment but then again, this is the first reorganisation I am actually a part of.

Have you even been through something like this? Any tips?

Fingers crossed for now..

Love, Laura

Too Cute!!! Meet & Greet with Alpacas

Hi there!

Today I want to tell you all about my meet and greet with Alpacas yesterday.

My best friend has been talking about Alpacas for years now, but she has no space for them around her home. So sad!

All of a sudden 2 weeks ago, she said: let’s meet the 17th, I’ll come to you and we’ll go somewhere. It’s a surprise!

if you read my blog about celebrating life, you know I’m very good at guessing what my surprise will be. She knows that too, but still wanted to keep it a secret. So the challenge began!

The first hint I got was that Maarten couldn’t come because it would be too girly. Hmm.. what could that be?!

So I thought maybe she wanted to go horseback riding on the beach? Or a high tea somewhere? But she isn’t really into horses, and neither am I. So that wasn’t really an option. High tea was stil possible but she wouldn’t be so secretive about it!

My 2nd hint I got on Friday, when she suddenly texted me: whaaa I just saw the temperature is going to be so low tomorrow, it is going to feel like it is below 0 degrees C!!! And we need to be outside tomorrow!

Right, so high tea was no longer an option…

I spend half of the evening thinking about what the activity could be, knowing my friend, it could literally be anything.

But Alpacas are still her favourite animals and I know she has never been somewhere to feed or touch them. So I checked online to see if there were any Alpaca farms in the neighbourhood. Well, it turned out there were too many to count! So my bet was a visit to an Alpaca farm.

On Saturday when my friend arrived, we first had lunch and a short chat. Maarten told her that I thought we were going to do something with Alpacas. She kept such a straight face! So I still didn’t know if my guess was right! We jumped in the car and started driving, she gave me directions, still without telling me where we were going! After 45 minutes driving, she said: “ok, we have half an hour left to get there, and according to google maps, it is just over half an hour drive left.”. So I continued the drive, still not knowing where we would end up.

When we were only 15 minutes away she said: “ok, I’ll tel you now, you guessed right… it is not fair! how did you guess this?!”. She looked up the information that was send to her via email and finally noticed that we needed to be there 15 minutes in advance. Hahaha, that was literally not even possible anymore, we where going to be right on time or a few minutes late actually.

But they didn’t mind we were a little bit late, luckily they had been waiting for us.

So after a small talk and explanation we were escorted to the Alpacas!!!! (I’m typing the !!! for my friend, she was so excited!)

They told us some interesting facts like if they spit on you, you need to shower at least 3 times before the smell will be gone.. yikes!And that baby Alpacas (sorry, forgot the name) become fertile after 1,5 years (female) or 3 years (male). Fascinating these numbers don’t match don’t you think? Also, Alpacas don’t really like cuddles! What? Why does everyone think they are so cuddly?

The herd we visited stared out with 5 only 5 years ago, and now they have 30. Alpacas carry their baby for almost a year! (about 11,5 month) and can only carry 1 at the time, (sad fact) if it is twins, one almost always will die before birth.

These animals are into food! You would not believe it! As long as we had some food, they would be all over us, but as soon as it was gone, gone was their interest in us too!

But it was fun! We got to spend about an hour with these funny animals, then we had a cup of tea and a lovely apple triangle. It was so nice to just spend some time with my friend again, we hadn’t really spoken with each other in months, so we were waaaay overdue for a girls day.

I still need to ask her to be my witness at the wedding, any ideas to make the question extra special? Currently I’m thinking about taking her out for dinner to ask it, or we might invite all our 4 witnesses for dinner at our place around Christmas and ask them all together then. Any thoughts?


Love, Laura